I need (1) remote surface mounted transformer for the following.
110  low voltage track fixture, 50 watt max; wired to (4) 20 amp circuits - if more are required, please quote accordingly.

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As an FYI, the link takes you to a sheet I use to select the correct transformer, wiring, et al


Assuming you do not have any specific Zoning requirements, in simplest configure as follows

 110 Heads x 50W each = 5500 Watts/120VAC = 46Amps/ 4 circuits = 12A per Zone (4 Zones)

 110 Heads /4 zones = 28 Heads (or 27) per zone x 50W = 1400W

 Qty: 4               Model S1400-120-12-10x15

If Dimming ? Optional Chokes
Qty: 4               Model S1400-120-12-10x15+C4b

If you want to control any of the 28 heads  - quoted on one transformer now - on two different switches/dimmers, then you need another transformer

Please call with questions