Do you also manufacture sized-to-the-load de-buzzing coils? We sourced a 1200w choke, but it had minimal effect on the transformer noise in the space - the connected load is only 300w. Thank you!

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Utilize one of our standard chokes since building a custom coil is usually cost prohibitive, but can be done.

300W/120v load is probably 2.5 - 3.0 Amp Load

Choke numbers as follows for Choke C2 (450W Maximum Load)

Load (A)           Rise Time (MicroSecond)           Temp Rise(C)    Watt Loss(W)

1.0                                615                                     25                  5.6

2.0                                865                                     31                  7.4

3.0                                936                                     38                  9.4

4.0                                971                                     46                  11.9

 This choke is designed to eliminate filament hum and a significant portion of transformer buzz as well.

Standard Sizes are

C1a      - 100W Max Load

C1        - 250W Max Load

C2        - 450W Max Load

C3        - 750W Max Load

C3b      - 900W Max Load

C4        - 1200W Max Load

C4b      - 1900W Max Load

One additional FYI  in case this is not something you already found online.

 The chokes are most effective when fully loaded - my rule of thumb is 50% minimum load on CHOKES.

 Our Magnetic transformers don't care if they see 1 Watt or Maximum load, but the chokes have a specific function and load plays a role in their effectiveness.

We use chokes to eliminate filament hum and reduce transformer hum.

For example, a 1200W transformer would run very well with a 100W load, but its choke would not be as effective. At 100W, it could be argued it isn?t even worth putting on a choke.  But I would hope they would use a smaller transformer in those applications.

This is why we have 7 choke sizes (using 5 different chokes) (C4 and C4b use two of the smaller chokes in parallel) to provide an adequate performance range.  We could reduce the number of different chokes offered, but then our units would not be as effective as they are.  This increases our costs to offer a wider range ? but we do things like this when we know it makes a difference.

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