What does "Full Wave Rectified VDC" Mean?

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A diode array converts AC Voltage into full wave rectified (Unregulated/UnFiltered) DC Voltage by flipping half the 60 Hz sine wav, creating DC voltage with 120Hz ripple.  

Therefore, expect the nominal output voltage measured to drop slightly as follows
VAC input x .9 ( general rule of thumb) ? Diode Loss (assume 1.5V for your purposes (can vary with variables)

As an example, if 24VAC enters, 
(24VAC x .9) ? 1.5V = 20.1 VDC out (full wave rectified)
If the input is lower or higher, then the output will be lower or higher
If you want 24 VDC at the load, then you need to get 
(24+1.5)/.9 = 28.3 VAC 
Into the AC to DC Module
Adding filtering caps changes the equation, but a transformer?s VA rating can be significantly impacted.
Do not do this without significant de-rating/re-sizing