How does voltage drop impact LEDs (compared to low voltage incandescent)?

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Any avoidable Voltage Drop is a waste since this is usually dissipated away as heat. 

Voltage Drop will not impact the performance of LEDs as long as there is sufficient capacity on the drive circuit. LEDs do Not turn on at 0 volts.  An LED is a current driven device, therefore LEDs turn on and off at 0ma.  An LED, when first energized, will have a voltage of approximately 1.5 volts (per LED) and increase as drive current increases.

When using a constant current driver, voltage drop will be less than voltage driven light sources because the drive current stays relatively low. The drive current and therefore voltage drop will Not increase as more LEDs are utilized (if no more wire/resistance is added to the circuit).  

This is a major advantage to driving the LEDs with an RPK Constant Current Driver.

Voltage Driven loads increase the current draw on the circuit with each load added, which has a direct impact on Voltage Drop.