Six MR16, 50watt, 12volt lamps on each cable/track. I have to reset using the rocker switch (low voltage circuit breaker on the Semper Fi transformer). One track trips after about 10 to 15 minutes. The other one trips after track been on for a day. Electrician was thinking the dust build up on the track could be causing the problem.

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You must take a voltage and amperage reading at the beginning of the track (where the transformer feed ends). This will tell you if the lamps are being over driven.

It sounds like the breaker is doing its job.  It is sensing an overload and opening the circuit. 

If the voltage to the track is above 12 volts, step the voltage down.  This will reduce total load on the circuit and will probably drop load below rating of the breaker that is tripping.

If you don't have access to a volt or current meter, Follow one of the steps below (I'm positive it will resolve your issue)
Remove One Lamp(just pull the lamp off when it is cool to the touch; before energizing) and then let it run to see if your problem goes away.  If it does, have the electrician check the voltage and amperage and go to lower wattage lamps to reduce overall load, remove one lamp or keep the load dimmed slightly.  

A transformer is an unregulated device.  If the breaker is maxed out and the voltage fluctuates, then the load fluctuates and this fluctuation could exceed the rating of the breaker which will trip the breaker .
Video walks thru this in greater detail.