Potting compound. Direct Burial transformers. What product do you recommend/supply for potting the wiring compartments.  

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Recommend re-enterable material for future access if ever needed.

These boxes are gasketed and sealed, but over time, water will find its way in.  The potting compound fills the void that would be present if not filled.  A wiring compartment filled with water will eventually corrode something over time.

We supply 1 caulking tube of silicone with a unit.  If more are needed, they can be purchased from us or from a local source easily.  Some folks use silicone filled wire nuts and remove the wiring box.  If the wire is exposed and unprotected, this could provide a potential entry point for water to wick up the wire/cable if the box is removed; again over time this could happen.

We can also supply a two part silicone, but this material is Extremely expensive, we only price it when requested.  The silicone tube doesn't flow easily and requires manhandling the wires to ensure the cavity is filled, but is the most cost effective solution. Bob the wires up and down and use a putty knife to help fill the cavity up to the top of the case.

If you have a preferred alternative method, send it along and we'll be happy to review.