Can Semper Fi transformers be used to power low voltage lighting fixtures made by another company?

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In most cases, yes. Semper Fi's transformers are listed to UL1838 or UL2108.


National Electric Code (NEC) Sections 411.3, both 411.3(A) and 411.3(B) allow the use of UL Listed transformers to power low voltage lighting.  Several of these terms are defined by the NEC to avoid any misunderstanding (as follows).


NEC Article 100 defines "LISTED" to be "Equipment, Materials or services included in a list published by an organization that is acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with evaluation of products or services that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipments or materials or periodic evaluation of services, and whose listing states that either the equipment, materials or service meets appropriate designated standard or has been tested and found suitable for a specified purpose."


IDENTIFIED is defined by NEC Article 100 as "Recognizable as suitable for the specific purpose, function, use, environment, application, and so forth, where described in a particular code requirement.  FPN: Some examples of ways to determine suitability of equipment for a specific purpose, environment or application include investigations by a qualified testing laboratory...or other organizations concerned with product evaluation.


As defined by the NEC, "LISTED for use as the part of the same IDENTIFIED Lighting System"... simply means that, when mixed and matched, "all of the components, equipment or materials must be tested to the same appropriately designated standard and found suitable for the purpose, function, use, environment, application, and so forth."


The NEC does not define Lighting System to mean that everything must be supplied together or tested together or shipped by the same supplier together.  It simply means that a Lighting System's components have been evaluated and found suitable for the use.  The same identified lighting system means that all of the components have been evaluated for the same identified use.  Listing to UL1838 and/or UL2108 meets this requirement.


Many transformers are not UL Listed to UL2108, the UL standard for indoor low voltage lighting, or UL1838, the UL standard for outdoor low voltage lighting.  A transformer labeled with the lighting companies' name does NOT mean it is listed for use with that lighting product.


Semper Fi Power Supply is UL Listed to power low voltage indoor and outdoor low voltage lighting and conforms to Article 411 requirements.