What is the benefit of a standard Semper Fi multi-tapped transformer?

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When the taps are on the primary (line voltage) side and loads are at varying distances, you need to vary your AWG sizes and/or lengths to the loads used or supply a different transformer for each load to produce consistent results. 


If you truly want to control the performance of the lighting, having the taps on the secondary (low voltage) side is a big bonus. Taps on the secondary side also benefit jobs where conduit is required.  Loads of varying wattages and distances are not a problem and can be compensated easily.  The only thing the installer needs to make sure is that they use the proper AWG wire, follow the installation instructions, and check the voltages at the load with a true RMS volt meter. Standard Semper Fi transformers produce five separate output voltages, therefore adjusting the voltage between loads is as simple as moving a single conductor from one tap to a different tap.