About Us

Semper Fi Power Supply opened in 1999 focused on providing the world's best remote magnetic transformers for low voltage lighting.

In 2001, a partnership with Gemini One Five Luminaires allowed Semper Fi to expand into the world of LED Lighting. In using Semper Fi, not only will their LEDs "last forever", but now the power supply will too.

Built to Last, offering up to a 25 year warranty, our goal is to provide Only the best powering solutions. We hope that you will come to learn that ONLY THE BEST WILL DO and that only Semper Fi Power Supply meets this requirement every time.

The company has shipped product around the world and only displays its most common products on the website. Please contact us for additional information of any kind.

We are located in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire (USA), home of Rene Gagnon. Manchester is the heart of New England with easy access to the Atlantic Ocean or White Mountains and experiences all four seasons with vigor.