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Low Voltage Input Drivers
Model Nominal Input Max Output (Fv) Max Output (mA)
RPK-LV-15 12 VAC(18VDC) 15VDC 350 or 700
RPK-LV-30 24 VAC(36VDC) 30VDC 350 or 700
RPK-LV-40 24 VAC(36VDC) 40VDC 350 or 700
Line Voltage Input Drivers
Model Input Max Output (Fv) Max Output (mA)
RPK-120-15* 120VAC** 15VDC 350, 700, or 1000
RPK-120-30* 120VAC** 30VDC* 350, 700, or 1000
RPK-120-40* 120VAC** 40VDC 350, 700, or 1000
RPK-120-60* 120VAC** 60VDC 350, 700, or 1000
RPK-120-15D+ 120VAC 15VDC 350 or 700
RPK-120-30D+ 120VAC 30VDC 350 or 700
RPK-120-40D+ 120VAC 40VDC 350 or 700
RPK-120-60D+ 120VAC 60VDC 350 or 700

*LV drivers receive low voltage AC/DC input only.

*Class 2 low voltage maximums: 60 VDC (indoor), 30 VDC (wet locations)

*LV and Standard drivers can be dimmed using 0-10VDC, PWM or dimmer interface.

*Optional high output (Fv) drivers

+D designation supports dimming with incandescent/LV magnetic wall box dimmer or control system.

+Optional 220-277 VAC input

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Do not confuse constant voltage power supplies as LED drivers. An LED is driven by current. This is a major factor that determines LED light output.

LEDs are diodes, which only allow current to flow in one direction, requiring direct current (DC).

The forward voltage (Fv) is a by-product of the amperage applied and the LED's internal makeup (resistance).

Drivers are sized and selected by input voltage, output voltage (Fv) and current requirements to provide a regulated, but dimmable DC to the load.

The LV drivers can be powered by low voltage AC or DC sources such as: transformers, batteries or renewable energy solutions like solar panels. Therefore they can be easily installed around the world.

The "D" drivers use patent pending technology to allow traditional wall box dimmers and control systems to dim LEDs.

Drivers include warranties up to 10-years, lasting as long as LEDs.

Properly driving LEDs will ensure a 50,000 hour minimum Half Light. Just how long is that? If left on 24/7/365, it will take almost six years before losing half of its original light output.

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