Power Modules
Model Input Max Fv Output Max A Output
PM-75 15 VAC 15VDC 5A
PM-100-30 30 VAC 30VDC 4A
PM-375 15 VAC 15VDC 25A

*Power Modules receive low voltage AC/DC input only.

*Power Modules can be dimmed using 0-10VDC, PWM, integral or dimmer interface.

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Use the patent pending power module to provide a regulated, but adjustable and dimmable, DC voltage to the load.

Most low voltage incandescent lighting products can be powered by AC or DC.

Many products require regulated DC voltage, and a transformer alone won't work.

Many LED products use resistors or voltage regulators to ballast the current to their LEDs and specify the use of a regulated DC voltage. The power module is what you need for these applications.

When dimming, the use of power modules is the closest thing to complete silence. No more hum or buzz from lamps or transformers.

The power module can be used with low voltage AC or DC sources such as: transformers, batteries or renewable energy solutions like solar panels.

Therefore, they can be easily used around the world.

The power modules offer optional on board sensing with a view screen that allows the installer to monitor the power module's load, making installation easier.

The power module can also be controlled by wall box dimmers and control systems with the use of the dimmer interface (Model: SF-120-DIM).

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